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What's new in WCS 5.1 compared with WCS 5.0

  1. Added SIP calls, streams and system state basic realtime monitoring, with the ability to view calls and streams history.
  2. SIP core rewritten.
  3. Added audio and video streams mixer.
  4. Added stream recording on demand (to record mixed stream for example).
  5. Added streams published in chat room recording with record files merging ability.
  6. Added RTMP stream pulling.
  7. Added REST API methods to manage new functions.

New version installation with previous version update

To update WCS 5.0 on your server to WCS 5.1, you have to do the following steps:

1. Download WebCallServer installation package from there, for example:


2. Unpack the package

tar -xvzf FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.1.XXXX.tar.gz

3. Stop WCS

service webcallserver stop

4. Launch update script

cd FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.1.3356/server/tools

The script updates settings files (for example, it merges legacy file with main settings file and WCS database:

5. Launch WCS 5.1 installation script

cd ../..

6. When the installation script finishes, update the service startup information

systemctl daemon-reload

7. Start WCS

service webcallserver start

Check how server works by this instruction.

Another WCS version installation without previous version removing or updating

Sometimes, it is necessary to install more recent or older WCS version without removing or updating the already installed one. This can be done as follows:

1. Stop WCS

service webcallserver stop

2. Remove symbolic link to WCS directory

cd /usr/local
rm -f FlashphonerWebCallServer

3. Install the desired version and activate it with your license number.

4. Launch the newly installed WCS version

service webcallserver start

Switching between two WCS installations

Suppose there are two versions installed on the server: 5.0.3333 and 5.1.3356. To switch from 5.1.3356 to 5.0.3333 do the following steps:

1. Stop WCS 5.1.3356

service webcallserver stop

2. Remove symbolic link to WCS directory

cd /usr/local
rm -f FlashphonerWebCallServer

3. Make symbolic link to the desired version directory

cd /usr/local
ln -sf FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.0.3333 FlashphonerWebCallServer

4. Launch WCS 5.0.3333

service webcallserver start

Switching back is done same way.

Known issues

1. script does not launch.

Symptoms: "Permission denied" message on launch.

Solution: set permissions to execute script

cd FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.1.3375/server/tools
chmod +x

2. Secure Websocket connections are failed after server update

Symptoms: Two Way Streaming example and other stream publishing and playing examples does not work

Решение: remove the string


from file and restart WCS

3. When two WCS versions are installed on same server, those instances should not be running simultaneously.

4. When two WCS versions are installed on same server, those installations should use embedded H2 database. If MySQL is used, a separate database should be created for every WCS version, wcs_db1 and wcs_db2 foe example.

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